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How It Works

Upload your Deposition Transcript
Upload your PDF, TXT, or MS Word deposition transcript to Dodonai. You can convert the transcript to your prefered format at any time.
A screenshot displaying Dodonai UI for uploading a deposition transcript
Highlight Relevant Passages
Click on lines of the transcript to highlight them. They will display with Blue Book citations to easily copy and paste where needed.
A screenshot displaying Dodonai UI for adding key topics for the deposition summary to highlight
GPT Chat With the Transcript
Chat with the Transcript to quickly search it and send information to a GPT model for analysis and response. The relevant passages are automatically highlighted.
A screenshot displaying a deposition summary created by Dodonai's software

Deposition Software for Forward-Thinking Litigators

Save time and cost
Easily work with deposition transcripts to create notes, citations, and designations faster and more accurately
Find what you need faster
Dodonai's semantic search helps you find what you need faster across all of your documents.
AI deposition copilot
Dodonai's AI copilot helps you to identify fact and issues, generate ideas for arguments, and integrate your discovery evidence with your arguments.
Grow your practice
Dodonai's deposition software reduces your discovery workload allowing you to focus trial strategy, client service, and marketing your practice.

Deposition Transcript Reviewer FAQs

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below to get answers!
What file types can Dodonai manage?

Dodonai can manage deposition transcripts in the following file types: .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx., .csv, and .pptx. Users can easily convert any of these file types to any of the others, as well.

How do the automated citations work?

When highlighting a passage in the transcript viewer, Dodonai displays the highlighted snipped to the right and provides the appropriate Blue Book citation to directly copy into notes, designations, and briefing with one click.

Is Dodonai secure?

Yes, Dodonai is completely secure. We follow all cloud security best practices and have begun the certification process for SOC 2 compliance.

What will you do with our data?

As stated in our Terms & Conditions, we will only use your data to accomplish the purposes of the Dodonai app. Neither Dodonai nor our partners will use your data to train our models or for any other purpose.

How much does Dodonai charge to manage depositions?

Dodonai charges a monthly fee for the use of the entire platform - including the deposition transcript management software, the deposition summarizer and other features such as e-discovery - starting at $30/month to process up to 200 pages, and there is a free trial available when you sign up here.

Why is Dodonai's AI deposition copilot feature valuable?

Dodonai's AI deposition copilot feature integrated with your deposition transcript and other legal documents offers several key advantages that significantly enhance legal practice:

Contextual Understanding and Precision: The RAG chat leverages advanced AI to understand the context within your documents. This means when you query specific information or need clarification, the AI provides responses that are not just accurate but also contextually relevant to your case.

Time-Saving Information Retrieval: Instead of manually searching through hundreds of pages, you can simply ask the transcript chat to find information. It quickly retrieves pertinent data from your transcripts and documents, highlights it, and analyzes it, saving valuable time.

Enhanced Analytical Insights: Beyond retrieval, Dodonai's chat can analyze patterns, suggest connections, and offer insights that might not be immediately apparent. This level of analysis can be crucial in forming legal strategies and understanding complex case dynamics.

Immediate Response to Complex Queries: The RAG system can handle complex, multi-part queries that traditional search tools cannot. It processes and understands intricate questions, providing comprehensive answers that consider various aspects of your documents.

Streamlined Preparation and Review Process: By interacting with the transcript chat, you can efficiently prepare for cases and review documents. This interactive process is more dynamic and engaging compared to traditional review methods.

Customized Interaction Based on User Needs: The AI adapts to your specific needs and learning style, providing customized assistance. This personalized interaction enhances your understanding and engagement with the material.

Collaboration and Sharing: Insights and information retrieved via the transcript chat can be easily shared with colleagues, streamlining collaboration and ensuring that all team members have access to crucial information.

The deposition chat feature transforms the way legal professionals interact with deposition transcripts and documents, offering a smarter, faster, and more intuitive approach to legal document analysis and case preparation.

What is Deposition Software?

Deposition software is a specialized tool designed to assist legal professionals in the deposition process, an integral component of litigation and dispute resolution. The software aims to streamline various facets of depositions, from transcription and annotation to summarization.

Here are some types of deposition software:

Deposition Summary Software - Dodonai automates the process of summarizing deposition transcripts.

Transcript Management
- capabilities for managing transcripts include full-text search, bookmarking, and annotation.

Video and Audio Integration
- the ability to integrate audio and video files.

Real-Time Collaboration
-collaboration features like shared annotations, chat, and live-feed options allow team members to work together on a deposition in real-time.

Exhibit Management
- allows for easy categorization, tagging, and linking of evidence to specific parts of a transcript, making it more accessible during proceedings.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

We'd love to help. You can contact us at our email - - with any questions.

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