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Dodonai's AI-assisted medical records summarization software generates a full medical chronology and summary of essential medical history in minutes. Designed for legal professionals, Dodonai ensures that you receive the crucial medical information you need efficiently and accurately.

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Medical Record Summaries &
Medical Chronologies

What are medical record summaries?

Medical record summaries provide a succinct overview of a patient's medical history, condensing large amounts of detailed information into a digestible and accessible format. These summaries describe the patient’s medical status and history, including treatments, diagnoses, lab reports, and other critical medical data. Essential for legal and medical professionals, medical record summaries simplify the review process, making it easier to understand and utilize complex medical information.

What Are Medical Chronologies?

Medical chronologies detail the timeline of a patient's medical history, organizing treatments, consultations, and significant medical events in chronological order. This structured format allows professionals to quickly grasp the sequence of medical events, providing a clear and logical overview of a patient’s medical journey.

How Do Lawyers Use Medical Record Summaries?

‍Medical record summaries and chronologies are indispensable for many types of litigation alongside deposition summaries and other evidentiary tools. They provide attorneys with essential health information formatted in a way that supports case analysis, evidence gathering, and trial preparation. Accurate and timely access to summarized medical data can significantly influence the outcome of legal proceedings by clarifying the medical aspects of a case.

Challenges of Manual Medical Record Summaries

Manually creating accurate medical record summaries and chronologies requires extensive time and expertise in both medical and legal nuances. This process can be labor-intensive, with a high potential for error, often leading to delays and increased costs. Ensuring efficiency and accuracy in summarization not just a benefit, but a necessity.

AI Medical Record Summarization
& Medical Chronologies

Dodonai's AI-driven summarization software redefines the process of creating medical record summaries and chronologies. By leveraging GPT and advanced algorithms, our tool efficiently processes complex medical data, creating a general summary of the patient's health care history and a chronology of key events such as doctors visits, injuries, and illnesses with high accuracy and consistency. Our solution not only speeds up the preparation of these essential documents but also enhances their reliability, making them indispensable tools for legal and medical professionals alike.

How It Works

Upload the Medical Records

Upload the medical records file to Dodonai, hit Summarize on the document, and select Medical Record from the drop down. Enter any key topics that you want the  summary to highlight.
A screenshot displaying Dodonai UI for uploading a deposition transcript

Process the Records

After hitting "Summarize Document", Dodonai generally processes 2-4 pages per minute. The output will include a General Summary of the records and a Medical Chronology
A screenshot displaying Dodonai UI for adding key topics for the deposition summary to highlight

Download the Summary

Download the Medical Records Summary in PDF, TXT, or Word.
A screenshot displaying a deposition summary created by Dodonai's software

How Our Customers Win

Faster Document Processing

Transform the time-consuming task of processing medical records from hours or days into mere minutes. Dodonai's AI platform can process over hundreds of pages per hour, leveraging advanced generative AI technology. This significant reduction in processing time allows legal professionals to focus on high-value activities such as case analysis and strategic decision-making.

Save Time and Cost

Reduce the financial and time costs associated with traditional medical record review. Dodonai’s technology minimizes the labor-intensive parts of the job, freeing up your staff for tasks that require their expert attention. By automating the tedious aspects of record management, our solution not only saves costs but also boosts your team’s productivity and scalability.

Comprehensive and Coherent

Dodonai redefines clarity and comprehensiveness in medical record summarization. By organizing extracted data into structured summaries and detailed chronologies, our tool makes complex medical histories accessible and understandable. Information is laid out chronologically, offering users a clear narrative of the patient’s medical journey.

Accuracy and Consistency

Dodonai's software ensures consistency and accuracy in medical record summaries. Our summaries accurately extract crucial medical information such as diagnoses, treatments, and procedural outcomes, minimizing human error and ensuring a reliable basis for case evaluations and strategy.

Access and Usability

Our platform automatically organizes medical records, turning disorganized or fragmented information into neatly arranged summaries. This streamlined organization ensures that professionals spend less time making follow-up requests or sorting through pages, and more time engaging in meaningful analysis and client interaction.

Strategic Insights

Empower your decision-making with summaries that offer more than just data. Dodonai's summaries help legal professionals quickly understand the nuances of a case and healthcare providers grasp patient histories with precision. Enhanced with AI, our summaries support critical decision-making, providing insights that are crucial during depositions, mediations, or trials.

Practice Areas

Medical record summaries and chronologies offer distinct benefits across various practice areas.

Personal Injury

Medical record summaries and chronologies are instrumental in illustrating the extent and causality of injuries sustained by P.I. clients. These documents offer a clear, chronological view of the medical treatment following an incident, helping to establish a direct link between the event and the injuries claimed. By detailing each medical visit, treatment, and outcome, Dodonai's AI-enhanced summaries ensure that personal injury lawyers can substantiate claims with precise and compelling medical evidence. This not only aids in proving negligence but also in arguing for the appropriate compensation based on the documented impact on the client’s health and well-being.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases hinge on demonstrating deviations from standard medical practices and linking those deviations to harm suffered by patients. Medical record summaries and chronologies provide a detailed account of all medical interactions and treatments, highlighting any discrepancies or negligent actions. Dodonai’s AI tools meticulously organize and summarize complex medical data, making it easier for attorneys to pinpoint failures in care and directly correlate them with adverse patient outcomes. These summaries are critical in building a robust case, ensuring that every relevant medical detail is accurately documented and readily available for legal scrutiny.

Mass Tort

When numerous plaintiffs are involved, managing and analyzing medical records can be overwhelming. Medical record summaries and chronologies are vital as they enable attorneys to efficiently organize and assess individual plaintiff's medical histories on a large scale. This streamlined approach helps identify commonalities and patterns in medical data across cases, facilitating the formulation of overarching legal strategies. Dodonai's AI-driven tools ensure that even with vast amounts of data, accuracy and consistency are maintained, significantly enhancing case management efficiency.

Product Liability

For product liability cases, medical record summaries and chronologies provide crucial evidence about the health impacts of defective or dangerous products. These summaries help attorneys demonstrate a direct correlation between the product in question and the resultant medical conditions. By clearly outlining the timeline of symptoms, treatments, and diagnoses, legal professionals can more effectively argue causation and liability. Dodonai’s AI-enhanced summaries ensure that these connections are clearly defined and supported by concise, reliable medical evidence.

Disability Claims

In the realm of disability claims, comprehensive medical chronologies and summaries are essential for documenting the progression and impact of medical conditions over time. These documents support claims by illustrating how disabilities evolve and affect individuals' daily lives. Dodonai's AI technology meticulously details each medical event and treatment, providing a robust foundation for disability claims and ensuring that critical medical information is presented accurately to support eligibility for benefits.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers' compensation cases depend heavily on precise and timely medical documentation to prove the extent and cause of work-related injuries or illnesses. Medical record summaries and chronologies by Dodonai outline the complete medical journey of injured employees, highlighting relevant workplace incidents and subsequent medical treatments. This clarity is crucial for verifying claims' validity and ensuring that all medical care related to the injury is accounted for and compensated appropriately.

Medical Record
Summarizer FAQs

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below to get answers!
What is a Medical Record?

A medical record is a comprehensive document that contains a detailed history of a patient's medical background, treatments, and healthcare interactions. It includes everything from clinical data and laboratory results to reports of medical imaging and notes made by healthcare professionals over the course of treatment.

What is a Medical Record Summary?

A medical record summary is a condensed version of a patient's full medical record. It highlights the most crucial information, including diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes, providing a streamlined overview that makes it easier for legal and healthcare professionals to quickly grasp the essential aspects of a patient’s medical history.

What is a Medical Record Review Service?

A medical record review service involves the systematic analysis of medical records by experts, typically for legal or insurance purposes. These services evaluate and summarize medical records to support or refute claims in legal cases, assist in insurance evaluations, and aid in medical research.

Who can benefit from AI Medical Record Summarization?

AI medical record summarization can benefit a wide range of professionals including lawyers, paralegals, insurance claims adjusters, medical consultants, and healthcare providers. It is particularly useful for those involved in personal injury cases, medical malpractice suits, workers' compensation cases, and any legal or healthcare area requiring quick and reliable interpretation of complex medical records.

How does AI improve the accuracy of medical record summaries?

AI improves the accuracy of medical record summaries by using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to process and analyze large volumes of medical data. It can identify and extract pertinent information with a high degree of precision, minimizing human error and ensuring that the summaries are both accurate and consistent.

Can AI Medical Record Summaries be customized for specific legal cases?

Yes, AI medical record summaries can be customized to meet the specific needs of different legal cases. The AI systems can be instructed to recognize and emphasize information that is most relevant to the user, whether it’s a personal injury claim, a medical malpractice case, or a disability claim, ensuring that the summaries provide targeted and useful information for legal professionals.

Is patient data secure when using AI summarization tools?

Security is a top priority when using AI summarization tools. Dodonai employs robust security measures including data encryption, secure data storage, and compliance with HIPAA and other relevant privacy regulations to ensure that patient data is protected against unauthorized access and breaches.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

We'd love to help. You can contact us at our email - - with any questions.

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