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Dodonai's AI deposition summary software converts deposition transcripts to deposition summaries to get you the information you faster and for a fraction of the cost of deposition summary services.

Just want your summaries? With our deposition summary service you can simply email the transcript to, set up your payment information, and get the summary back that day. For this service, the first 50 pages are free, then it's just $1 per page.

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What is a Page-Line deposition summary?

The Page-Line deposition summary method is a detailed and comprehensive approach to summarizing deposition transcripts. A Page-Line summary includes a table with a column for the summary of a section of the testimony and a citation to the relevant page number and line numbers from the transcript. Each row in the table represents a different section of the testimony and is organized chronologically.

Page-Line deposition summaries are popular because they ensure that every piece of crucial information is easily accessible, provide a clear and concise overview of the deposition's most important aspects, and allow for quick reference and review. and time-intensive. But this method is also time-consuming and labor-intensive... until now.

Dodonai's AI deposition summary tool creates high-quality Page-Line deposition summaries in minutes for a fraction of the cost of traditional deposition summary services.

How It Works

Upload your Deposition Transcript

Upload your PDF, TXT, or Word deposition transcript to Dodonai. Generally, Dodonai can create a deposition summary from a 100-page deposition transcript in 3 minutes.
A screenshot displaying Dodonai UI for uploading a deposition transcript

Select Format Type and enter Key Topics  

Select between a Narrative or Page-Line summary format and enter any key topics that you want the deposition summary to highlight. Dodonai's deposition summary software will include additional focus on these topics in the summary, where relevant.
A screenshot displaying Dodonai UI for adding key topics for the deposition summary to highlight

Download the Deposition Summary

Download the deposition summary in PDF, TXT, or Word. Dodonai saves the deposition summary to your account for easy access later.
A screenshot displaying a deposition summary created by Dodonai's software

Example Deposition Summaries

Check out some deposition summary examples created by Dodonai's deposition summary software below. Feel free to use these as templates for your own summaries.

Litigate Better with Automated Deposition Summaries

Save attorney time

Dodonai's Deposition Summaries provide the key aspects of deposition testimony without having to comb through the transcript.

Save paralegal time

It can take a paralegal hours to create a deposition summary comparable to what Dodonai can create in minutes.

Save on Vendor Cost

Deposition summary services can cost anywhere from $300 to $2000 per transcript. Dodonai starts at $30 per month for up to 200 pages.

Grow your practice

Focus your resources on trial strategy,  client service, and marketing your practice, not on tedious summarization tasks.

What are deposition summary services?

A deposition summary service is a legal vendor that outsources the summarization of a deposition transcript for a fee per hour or per page. The actual summarization is completed by a paralegal, often based overseas. According to industry averages, a paralegal can summarize about 20-25 pages per hour depending on factors such as experience and complexity. Pricing for this service ranges from $3-$4 per page to $100s per hour.

Dodonai can summarize a 50-page deposition transcript in less than 5 minutes. Dodonai's platform starts at $30 per month, includes many other services and features, and offers a free trial.

Deposition Summarizer:  Asked & Answered

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below to get answers!
What file types can Dodonai summarize?

Dodonai can summarize the following file types: .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx., .csv, and .pptx. Dodonai can also summarize general texts, and there is a specific feature for summarizing medical records.

What file type will the deposition summary be?

The summary saves to .txt, but you can download it as a .pdf or .doc file.

Is Dodonai secure?

Yes, Dodonai is completely secure. We follow all cloud security best practices and have begun the certification process for SOC 2 compliance.

What will you do with our data?

As stated in our Terms & Conditions, we will only use your data to accomplish the purposes of the Dodonai app. Neither Dodonai nor our partners will use your data to train our models or for any other purpose.

How much does Dodonai charge for a deposition summary?

There is no fee per summary. Dodonai charges a monthly fee for the use of the entire platform - including the deposition summarizer and other features such as e-discovery - starting at $30/month to process up to 200 pages, and there is a free trial available when you sign up here.

Why is a Deposition Summary valuable?

Deposition summaries are an indispensable tool for attorneys at various stages of the litigation process. They serve as concise, easy-to-navigate documents that distill the most crucial information from lengthy deposition transcripts. Below, we explore why deposition summaries are a must-have resource for every legal professional.

Time Efficiency
Deposition transcripts can span hundreds of pages and can be time-consuming to sift through. Summaries distill this information into a compact format, helping attorneys quickly identify key points and themes. This enables them to make more effective use of their time, which is often billed by the hour.

Enhanced Focus on Strategy
With a well-crafted summary at hand, attorneys can devote more energy to the strategic aspects of a case. They can identify strengths and weaknesses more swiftly, plan cross-examinations, and make more informed decisions on which lines of questioning to pursue further.

Improved Team Communication
Deposition summaries are easily shareable among the legal team. They serve as a common reference point that ensures everyone is on the same page. This aids in collaboration and helps prevent misunderstandings or overlooked details that could impact the case.

While there's an initial cost involved in generating a deposition summary, the long-term benefits often outweigh this expenditure. By reducing the time required to analyze transcripts, attorneys can focus on other billable activities, ultimately driving cost efficiencies for clients.

A well-structured summary allows for easy access to essential information. Whether in court or in client meetings, having a quick reference guide can be invaluable for making points effectively and authoritatively.

Support for Witnesses and Experts
Summaries can serve as an excellent preparation tool for witnesses or expert consultants involved in a case. They provide a snapshot of what has been said under oath, making it easier to prepare for trial testimony or to identify areas requiring further expert analysis.

In an arena where every minute counts and the stakes are high, deposition summaries are not just a luxury; they're a necessity. By providing a streamlined, focused view of deposition testimony, they offer legal professionals a competitive edge that can make a significant difference in the outcome of a case.

What is Deposition Software?

Deposition software is a specialized tool designed to assist legal professionals in the deposition process, an integral component of litigation and dispute resolution. The software aims to streamline various facets of depositions, from transcription and annotation to summarization.

Here are some types of deposition software:

Deposition Summary Software - Dodonai automates the process of summarizing deposition transcripts.

Transcript Management
- capabilities for managing transcripts include full-text search, bookmarking, and annotation.

Video and Audio Integration
- the ability to integrate audio and video files.

Real-Time Collaboration
-collaboration features like shared annotations, chat, and live-feed options allow team members to work together on a deposition in real-time.

Exhibit Management
- allows for easy categorization, tagging, and linking of evidence to specific parts of a transcript, making it more accessible during proceedings.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

We'd love to help. You can contact us at our email - - with any questions.

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