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Podcast Summary - Supreme Court Cases to Watch (NYT 10.10.23)

A summary of The Daily's podcast discussing the cases that the Supreme Court will hear in its Fall 2023 term
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Supreme Court Cases to Watch (Oct '23)

On the NY Times podcast The Daily, Sabrina Tavernise and Adam Liptak discuss the cases that the Supreme Court will hear in its Fall term.

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The Supreme Court has begun its new term and is expected to make decisions on several contentious issues. Conservative legal activists are pushing for further conservative rulings on administrative law agency power, Second Amendment gun rights, and abortion. One major case this term involves the Chevron deference, a precedent that allows federal agencies to interpret ambiguous laws. The case involves herring fishermen in New Jersey who object to paying for federal monitors on their boats. The Supreme Court's ruling on this case could potentially overturn the Chevron deference and shift power away from the executive branch and towards Congress and the judiciary. The Biden administration opposes overturning Chevron, arguing that it would disrupt the legal system.

The hosts discuss three major cases before the Supreme Court: a challenge to the funding mechanism of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a case involving the Second Amendment and gun control measures, and a potential upcoming case on abortion. The challenge to the CFPB's funding mechanism is unlikely to succeed, as even conservative justices on the court have shown little support for it. The case involving gun control measures tests the court's use of originalism as a standard for determining constitutionality, and the outcome could have significant implications.

The potential upcoming case on abortion follows the 2022 Dobbs decision, which eliminated the constitutional right to abortion, and it is expected to further impact abortion rights. The case involves the FDA's approval of the abortion pill mifepristone and whether it should be restricted or banned. Anti-abortion groups argue that the pill is unsafe and obtained a sweeping injunction to limit its access. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has already made significant restrictions, such as prohibiting telemedicine and mail delivery of the pill. The case has already reached the Supreme Court once, and its outcome could have significant implications for abortion rights and administrative law. The plaintiffs in the case may face challenges regarding legal standing and the statute of limitations.

The discussion also touches on the broader context of the Supreme Court's conservative majority, potential ethics scandals, and the impact of these factors on the court's decisions. Overall, this term may see the court pushing back against conservative interests, but it is still early and other cases may arise. The discussion raises questions about the speed and direction of the court's conservative agenda and its impact on the broader conservative movement.

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